The Postgraduate Diploma in Culture and Territorialities (PPCULT) program, associated with to the Institute of Art and Media, UFF, was approved in 2012 by CAPES. It is the result of a demand of professors and students of the Fluminense Federal University for a higher investment in research and studies in the field of culture, given its growing importance in the contemporary world. Bringing together professors from a wide variety of areas (such as Cultural Production, Media and Cultural Studies, Education, Anthropology, History, Languages, Sociology, Communication etc.), tacked the field of their research and reflections linked to the study of culture in multiple meanings, particularly when it comes to discussions about spatiatilities and territorialities, both material and symbolic, the new program finds its place of insertion par excellence from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

In its research, disciplines and projects, the required intersection by the new program is to bring together multidisciplinary researchers that highlight discussions on culture in its relation to territorialities and its multiple agents and practices.

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