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Borders and Productions of Meaning

In this line of research, we intend to contemplate the discussions on borders and flows in multiple meanings, beyond their physical dimension, although including it, but also incorporating other possibilities as to displacement and hybridity. In this sense, the line will encompass reflections on territorialities in their local, regional, national and global dimensions, thinking from in-between places. Similarly, we will address issues of post/de colonialism (with emphasis on Latin America in general), of intersectionalities (with emphasis on the variables around gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, class, migrations, diasporas), of narrative constructions of memories, identities, representations, subjectivities, paths. The discursive aspects, power relations and multiple languages of culture around productions of meaning will guide our reflections, in multi-, inter- and transcultural perspectives.


Keywords: Flows; in-between place; narrative constructions; post/de colonial epistemologies; intersectionalities

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